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March 2018

by Mike Cassetta

Hopefully winter will soon give way to Spring! Dive Season in the Northeast is almost upon us so if you haven’t already done so get to your local dive shop and get your gear serviced.

Please note: There is no March Meeting as Beneath the Sea is this month. If you show at the cottage: you will be cold, dark, alone and bored.

Our February meeting was well attended. Thanks to our guest Joseph Williams author of “The Sunken Gold”. It was an awesome tale of recovery efforts by the British Royal Divers to salvage an important gold supply lost to German mines, off the coast of Donegal, Ireland. Having lived in Ireland for a year and having dove those waters 25+ times, I found the story particularly interesting.

Our next meeting is April 27. I serve as Assistant Chief for the Newtown Underwater Search and Rescue (NUSAR) team will be presenting footage from our recent ice dive and will discuss techniques for both surface & subsurface ice rescue.

I was lucky enough to make a recent trip to Bimini Island in the Bahamas and get close and personal with some Bulls, Hammers, Carribean Reef and a lemon shark. In June: Lisa, Dave Schafran and I will present footage on the sharks of Bimini.

For those of you who haven’t renewed your memberships for 2018 yet the clock is ticking! Please note that our mailing address has changed to P.O. Box 554 — any mail addressed to our old address will be returned by the USPS when they feel like it!

Well once again, no March Meeting, I hope “Old Man Winter” finally gives up and look forward to seeing y’all soon.


Mike Cassetta

Mike Cassetta

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