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September 2018

by Mike Cassetta

Although the calendar says sum-mer is over, dive season is still in full swing as the waters in our area will stay warm for at least another few months. Hope everybody’s been able to get out and enjoy a few dives.

Our next meeting will be Friday, September 28. We will have a com-bination presentation for Members Night regarding recent local trips to both Cape Ann and Block Island, with footage from various camera angles of seals off Gloucester and Blue Sharks off Rhode Island.

I had an interesting dive experience in August. We were diving our monthly drill for the Newtown Underwater Search and Rescue team (NUSAR) and encountered a large object on side scan sonar. Despite extremely low visibility, we were able to dig through the mud and identify the object as a Mercedes sedan. Although it was difficult, we were able to recover the vehicle and the police investigation is ongoing. BTW: the trunk was empty.

Capt Noel is our presenter for the October meeting, which will take place on Friday, October 26th. We are still looking to schedule a speaker for November and is always, would welcome speakers for 2019. So: if you have a presentation you would like to share, please let Matt, Lisa or me know.

Again, we are in need of a club secretary. It is a fun and very important position, and if anybody is willing and capable, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

This weekend, Matt, Mel, Jeff S and myself will be going out with Capt Billy Palmer to dive the Onondaga off Watch Hill, Rhode Island. She recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of her sinking, so congratulations to the “Big O”.

I look forward to seeing you on next Friday. Your most humble servant,


Snappa Crew

Snappa Crew

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